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Distinctive Single-Story Apartment Homes
Management or its Associates will not discriminate against on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, ancestry, familial status, or national origin.
Before leaving the office to begin the tour, a valid Driver’s License or other type of valid photo identification is required per visitor. If more than one visitor, then only one valid driver’s license or valid photo identification will be needed from someone in the group. The name on the I.D. must match the name given by the visitor and the photo should be a reasonable likeness. The I.D. must be left in the office during the property tour and will be returned at the conclusion of the community demonstration.
Rental Application
No applicant will be denied the opportunity to complete a rental application.   A non-refundable application fee of $30 per person is required at the time of completion. A rental application must be completed by anyone 18 years of age or older who will be residing in the apartment or living with an adult companion. If there are two or more applicants, regardless of marital status, each is to complete their portion and sign in the appropriate area. Each applicant must have a social security number, green card, or non-expired working or student visa. In addition, the rental application must be completed in its entirety.  
Occupancy Standards
No more than two occupants per bedroom may occupy the apartment/home. If the apartment/home has a den in addition to a bedroom(s), then no more than two occupants per bedroom plus one occupant may occupy the apartment/home.
Any new household members must be approved in writing from the office prior to occupancy.
Employment Status
Current employment and income are verified for income.    
Income Status
The income listed by the applicant(s) must be sufficient to meet the income standard set by management. Applicant’s gross income must meet the minimum of 2.5 times amount of rent charged for the unit desired by the applicant. Acceptable income verification will be required and verified.
Past Residency
Prior rental history is researched to ensure that the applicant(s) paid rent on time and did not have any lease violations at their prior residence. Any Eviction Actions within 7 years of application date are automatically denied. Property Management records with skip statuses are also an automatic denial.
Past Credit History
A credit report provided by a Credit Reporting Service will be processed and verified to be in good standing with an acceptable Credit score of 550 or above. A zero credit score due to no established credit may be approved with conditions. A zero credit score due to 100% negative credit will be declined. Both past and current credit is evaluated. Each application is considered separately. An unsatisfactory credit report can disqualify an application if it reflects past or current bad debts, or unpaid bills, utility balances, judgments or open bankruptcies. Property management record owing a balance is an automatic denial. If an application is denied, a letter supplying the Credit Reporting Agency name and number will be provided.  
Criminal History
A criminal background check will be completed. An application is automatically declined if a felony conviction is evident,including drug-related felony offenses. An application is also denied if a conviction is evident for any of the following:
       two or more DUI offenses within five years of application date, 
       one or more violent crime against a person misdemeanor offenses, including domestic violence, within seven years of application date, 
       one or more misdemeanor drug offenses within seven years of application date, ?

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